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We are Supplier, Distributor, Stockist, Trader of Protection Relays & Meters, Earthing Rods, Protection Meters, APFC Relays, Demand Controller and our set up is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. APFC or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels are mainly used for the improvement of Power Factor. Power Factor can be explained as ratio of active power to apparent power and it is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption.


Harmonic Filter Reactors
In alternating-current power systems for protection against excessively large currents under short-circuit or transient conditions. The series reactor is connected in series with the line or feeder. Basically reactors are used for fault current reduction, Load balancing in parallel Ckt, limiting inrush current of capacitor bank in APFC panel.
Reactor is used in conjuction with capacitor banks in series. Its main function is to compensative or produce reactive power. According to the purpose of use, reactor helps to limit inrush or short-circuit current, filter out harmonics.

Thyristor Controlled Capacitor is a type of equipment used for compensating reactive power in electrical power systems. Thyristor switched capacitos banks with high-speed switching capability are designed to support the supply voltage of distribution systems and to correct the power factor of connected loads.

Panel Meters Applications Analog and digital panel meters are instruments that receive information from an input signal and measure and display that information. They are frequently used to measure temperature but can also measure speed, pressure, current, and a number of other variables.

Thyristor Controlled Capacitor, Protection Relays & Meters

Thyristors Modules
Power Factor Controlling Capacitors are generally switched by contactors. But due to this uneven switching of contactors, inrush currents get developed. These inrush currents decrease the life of capacitors. A contactor is a mechanical device, it has a definite life based on its number of switching’s. Also due to mechanical contacts, there are limitations to switching time.
To solve these limitations of capacitor switching by contactors, WE come up with Thyristor switching modules. These modules are switched by zero-crossing detection algorithm.

TAutomatic Power Factor Controller (APFC)

Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC)
'Improving Power Factor' is 'Saving Money'

Certain electrical loads such as motors can cause electrical systems to be very inductive, which results in a very 'lagging power factor' i.e. wastage of energy. The simple solution to maintain the power factor in required range is to connect or disconnect the power factor correction capacitors. Manual switching is just impossible for rapidly fluctuating loads and hence an automatic control system is required which continuously monitors the power factor and make appropriate corrections to maintain it within the required range

APFC Panel