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We are Supplier, Distributor, Stockist, Trader of Capacitors, LT MPP Heavy Duty Round Capacitor, LT MPP Heavy Duty Box Capacitor, LT APP Oil Filled Capacitors, and our set up is situated in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. A Capacitor Bank is a group of several capacitors of the same rating that are connected in series or parallel with each other to store electrical energy. The resulting bank is then used to counteract or correct a power factor lag or phase shift in an alternating current (AC) power supply. They are used for improving power factor. Most of the electric load is reactive, resulting in poor power factor. Companies distributing electricity encourage consumers to improve power factor.

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Power factor correction capacitors are rated in electrical units called "Vars". One Var is equivalent to one volt-ampere of reactive power. Vars, then, are units of measurement for indicating just how much reactive power the capacitor will supply. As reactive power is usually measured in the thousands of Vars, the letter "k" (abbreviation for kilo", meaning thousands) precedes the Var creating the more familiar "kVAR" term.The capacitor kVAR rating, then, shows how much reactive power the capacitor will supply. Each unit of the capacitor's kVAR will decrease the inductive reactive power demand (magnetizing demand) by the same amount.

Benefit of power factor Improvement :
• Reduction In kvar Demand
• Decreased electrical equipment cost
• Decreased energy charges
• Decreased Power losses
• No penalties
• Incentive in electricity bills
• Reduce heat loss of transformers and distribution equipment
• Prolong the life of distribution equipment
• Stabilizes voltage levels
• Increase your system's capacity, etc.